Humans of COVID

Numbers and graphs can only have so much of an impact. But human connection is something we can all understand and feel. I will be sharing my experiences to serve as an example what hospitals, doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and patients are experiencing throughout the country and even world.

Please note these are real patients, these are there stories and not dramaticized. Patients will remain anonymous.

She was crying, her hands shaking, ribs sore from coughing, every breath in caused her to dry heave and vomit. She wanted me to know that she was afraid.

She wouldn’t stop maintaining eye contact with me. She told me again and again she was afraid. Her friend had died from Covid 2 days ago.

She had received dexamethasone, lovenox and remdesivir earlier in the day. I gave her ativan, zofran, cyclobenzaprine...and few more foreign names she could not pronounce. She thanked me but we both knew you can’t treat fear with medicine.

She cried, I held her hand. through my gown, gloves, mask, cap, googles and face shield we maintained eye contact. we practiced counting breaths together. I told her she was stable for now. But I couldn’t promise her that should would recover.

My pager went off: ICU covid+ 76/48 90% on vent, unable to prone

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